10X38 1000VDC MC4 solar inline fuse

10X38 1000VDC MC4 solar inline fuse

10X38mm  1000VDC MC4 solar inline fuse

Yueqing Aidun Electrical produce “SOLARSON”brand SSPV series of  10X38mm 11000VDC MC4 solar inline fuse+ holder is designed to provide over-current protection for solar arrays. The use of a fuse can protect your solar array from unnecessary damage from an over-current event.

Compatible with MC4 Connectors. Simply plug the fuse holder into your solar system at an existing MC4 Connector junction point.

Waterproof and dust proof

Fuse replacement is quick and easy. Simply unscrew the MC4 Fuse Holder to remove and replace the blown fuse.

Product description

Rated Current:1A,2A,3A,3.5A,4A,5A,6A,8A,10A,12A,15A,16A,20A,25A,30A

Rated Voltage: 1000 V DC 

Rated breaking capacity:DC 33kA

Operating class gPV  and UL PV fuse link for Solar protection

Test Voltage: 6000V (50Hz,1 min) 

Degree of Protection: IP2*/IP67 

Suitable Connector: MC4 Connector 

Contact Resistance of Plug Connector:1mΩ 

Insertion Force / Withdrawal Force: ≤50N / ≥50N 

Contact Material: Copper, Silver Plated 

Fuse Can Replace 

Insulation Material: PPO 

Temperature Range: -40 to +125°C 

Weight: 1.23 oz 

Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 In 

Technical data

Item Product type Size Rated Voltage (V) Rated Current(A) Installation Method Drawing No.
001 SSPV-30 10X38 1000VDC 1,2,3,3.5,4,5,6,8,10,12,15,16,20,25,30 Cylindrical Drawing 1

Safety tips 

For protection against electric shock,  MC4 solar inline fuse  holder must be isolated from the power supply while being assembled or disassembled. 

The end product must provide protection from electric shock. 

Unplugging under load: PV plug connections must not be unplugged while under load. They can be placed in a no load state by switching off the DC/AC converter or breaking the AC circuit interrupter. Plugging and unplugging while under voltage is permitted. 

Disconnected connectors should be protected from dirt and water with sealing caps. 

om dirt and water with sealing caps.