Snap Action Switches S800 250V 1A 3A 5A

Snap Action Switches S800 250V 1A 3A 5A

Snap action switches  S800 250V 400V 1A 3A 5A

Changeover switches with double-break contacts and positive opening operation

China factory Yueqing Aidun Electric CO.,LTD can supply X800 X804 (S800 and S804) series – application proven snap switches S800 and S804 series switches feature a VDE approved positive opening operation which guarantees - within the requirements of the standard - the forced opening of contacts that have become welded together after a short-circuit. This makes them ideally suited for use in all safety related applications.

S814 series The S814 has a plunger running through the switch. This makes it possible to mount two switches on top of each other, and trigger two operations with only one actuation. Wiping contacts ensure high contact reliability over the life of the switch.

X820 S820 – snap switches featuring higher ampacity S820 series switches add to the well proven standard products, offering a current-carrying capacity which is twice as high (Ith = 20 A) as for example S800, as well as a more ruggedized design making them best suited for use under unfavourable ambient conditions which call for higher shock and vibration resistance. A typical field of application is medium-voltage switchgear and controlgear.

The S820 is a Form Zb SPDT-DB switch with double-break contacts. Its two mechanically linked rigid contact bridges are galvanically isolated, thus ensuring the failsafe closing of two separate load circuits with independent voltage levels


  • Positive opening operation: Reliable breaking of the normally closed (NC) circuit even if the contacts have become welded together, in compliance with IEC 60947-5-1, Annex K .


  • The success of a product is owed to its quality,The Solarson product line is clearly defined and keeps up with the technological
  • requirements of today‘s markets. Behind every individual snap-action switch you will find decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing.
  • Snap-action switches are designed with a snap-mechanism that allows fast switching, largely independent of the actuation speed. This precisely reproduces
  • the operating position, and controls the arc more efficiently.With their well known transparent-green housing, the safety function in Solarson´s snap-action switches is visible.


  • Solarson  snap-action switches are typically used with systems and components that require a high degree of safety and reliability, such as:
  •  Limit switches for machine, door and plant control systems
  • Aux. switches in cam gear and control and indicating devices
  •  Switching elements for automation
  •  Safety limit switches for control systems and plant controls