Three Phase Monitoring Relay DPA51CM44

Three Phase Monitoring Relay DPA51CM44

Type  DPA51CM44  Three  Phase Monitoring Relays Sequence and Phase Loss 

DPA53 series monitor for ultra-thin (17.5mm) rail mounting type, function: phase failure protection, phase sequence protection, voltage unbalance protection, adjustable set value undervoltage protection. It is suitable for the protection of the distribution system installed in the cabinet.


DPA53 series three-phase relays for three-phase or three-phase four-wire power supply for the monitor. This series of products measuring their own supply voltage, regenerative voltage, with phase sequence protection, lack of protection, undervoltage protection and other functions, N-type products with zero line disconnection protection. DPA53 series monitor for the ultra-thin (17.5mm) rail mounting type, suitable for installation of the cabinet to install the power distribution system protection, such as: distribution cabinet, distribution box, electric control box, machine tools and other equipment

The input rated voltage:

  • 200 ~ 240vAC ± 15% (line voltage) Model: DPA53CM23
  • 320 ~ 480VAC ± 15% (line voltage) Model: DPA53CM48
  • 115 ~ 138VAC ± 15% (phase voltage) Model: DPA53AM23N
  • 220 ~ 277VAC ± 15% (phase voltage) Model: DPA53AM48N

Phase sequence monitoring: When the three-phase power monitor power, such as the phase sequence is normal, the relay can pull.

Phase loss monitoring: When the three-phase power monitor power, each phase power is normal, the relay can pull.

Undervoltage protection: When the three-phase power supply line voltage is lower than the set value, then the relay release protection; when the voltage recovery, the relay back to work properly

N line disconnection protection: DPA53AM23N and DPA53AM48N is suitable for three-phase four-wire system power monitor, the two products in the N line when the relay release.