Australia Safeclip Fuse Holder 32A

Australia Safeclip Fuse Holder 32A

Australia Safeclip Fuse Holder32A

China Aidun Electric “Solarson” Brand 415V/500V Australia Safeclip Fuse Holder 32A meet the standard IEC60269,AS60269,BS88,front wire and back wire,NSW instrusion barrier sealable versions,

made from flame retardant thermoplastic.

Technical data 

  • Type :FS20H,FS32BW,FS32H,FS32P,
  • Ampere Rating: 20A-32A
  • Voltage Rating: 415Vac/500VAC,690VAC
  • Breaking capacity: 80kA.
  • Class:gL/gG
  • Standard:IEC60269,AS60269,BS88,
No. Product type Rated Voltage(V) Rated current(A) Matched with fuse body measurement Overall dimension (mm)
18168 FS20H 415/500/550 20 NS Refer to for detailed data
18169 FS32H 415/500/550 32 NS
18170 FS32BW 415/500/550 32 NS
18171 FS32P 415/500/550 32 NS

H means front wire,BW means back wire,P means stud rear