415V 500V Slotted Wedge JHU HRC Fuse Link

415V 500V Slotted Wedge JHU HRC Fuse Link

415V/500V Slotted wedge JHU HRC fuse link 76mm

Aidun Electric “Solarson” Brand 415V/500V Slotted wedge JHU HRC fuse link 76mm for electricity supply networks comply with BS88: Part 5,meet the requirements of the corresponding draft IEC 60269-2 document and also comply with UK Electricity Supply Industry Standards. Fuse-links complying with the requirements of BS1361 are available for both

house service cut-outs and consumer units. In addition BS1362 domestic plug fuse-links are also available which meet the requirements of IEC60269-3.

Technical data 

  • Ampere Rating: 20A,32A,40A,50A,63A,80A,100A,125A,160A,200A,250A,315A
  • Voltage Rating: 415Vac/500VAC/690VAC 
  • Breaking capacity: 80kA.
  • Class:gL/gG,aM
  • Standard:IEC60269,EN60269,BS88,
No. Product type Competitor Part Number Rated Voltage(V) Rated current (A) Overall dimension (mm)
18163 JHU76 JHU76 415/500 20-250 100 76 45 40 14 13
18164 JPU82 JPU82 415/500 20-400 111 82 45 40 14 17
18165 JSU92 JSU92 415/500 40-630 131 92 45 56 17 20